History of the Evil Eye

Greece. The evil eye is an apotropaic visual device, is dating back to Greece in at least the 6th century BC, when it commonly appeared on drinking vessels. The significance of the evil eye is especially prominent in the Mediterranean and West Asia. The evil eye is a “look” or “stare” bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. This means that most believe that where ever your evil eye is facing, that is where is it protecting, so people put they eye facing their front doors or around their neck so that it is facing towards the evil to stare at it.

BDB Instructor Highlight

Say hello to Marianna! She is not only instructing a bunch of fabulous classes at BDB, but she is also volunteering as our class coordinator. Her patience, love of jewelry, wide range of skills and dedication to the shop will have you taking more than just one of her classes! Thanks to her and ALL of our instructors, the shop is thriving with creativity. xo BDB Staff

Marianna’s Bio – sign up for one of her classes on our website bluedoorbeads.com/class

Bay Area native, Marianna, came to jewelry making rather late in life. A serial crafter, Marianna is finding that making jewelry is providing more satisfaction than other crafts she’s attempted. She enjoys the endless possibilities & the wide variety of design options. There is always something new to learn. She also loves experimenting with different combinations of colors, components, and techniques and passing along these ideas to interested learners. Marianna benefited from good instruction and she believes that getting a solid foundation in the basics lets you “take it and run with it.” The sky’s the limit.

2022 – A Most Challenging Year! #BlueDoorBeadsChallenge2022

Happy New Year, everyone! In 2022, we’re deciding to have a little bit more fun. Every month of this year, our front table is going to have a different theme. These themes will pose jewelry “challenges” for you to create in response to. When you’re done creating, you can post a picture of it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! Add on #BlueDoorBeadsChallenge2022 and you’re good to go.

We’re heading into February! The theme for February is Fabulous February! – Create something with February’s stone: Amethyst. Want more of a challenge? Pick an event/holiday happening in February and make something purple inspired by that.

We’re so excited to see what everyone comes up with!