Grounding Gems!

by Tahlia, BDB Staff

Gemstones are enjoyed in many different forms for many different purposes. Every gemstone has a varying look and purpose (both aesthetically and spiritually) and many people keep them around to reap the benefits of their spiritual properties. Some people keep raw/larger stones around the house as decoration and others prefer their stones to be worn.

While I don’t revere gemstones as magical objects from another dimension, I do love them for their beauty and intentionality. I often struggle with a head in the clouds and sometimes need reminders to bring myself down to earth. Making gemstone bracelets and necklaces have been a fun way to bring around a more calm and collected reality.

Here are some of the grounding stones I’ve been enjoying most (and their properties!):

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a solid protection stone. It can help ward off any negative energy that could be hanging around. It also brings much needed reconnection to ground beneath your feet. Great stone for everyday wearing.

Black Tourmaline beads available at BDB!

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is all about balance. It’s a calming stone that can help with accepting the ebb and flow of life. Helpful for keeping a level head during stressful times and can clear the head of clouding emotions.

Tiger’s Eye available at BDB!


Hematite is a strong and supportive stone, helping bridge gaps in mind, body and spirit. It’s so grounding that it’s known to boost confidence, perseverance, and willpower. I like to combine tourmaline and hematite for that extra boost of protection (they also look great together).

Hematite available at BDB!


Agate is a wonderful stone in general because it comes in such a wide variety of types. Each of these types have their own properties, but overall, agate is calming and gentle. It inspires rest and is great to pair with more intense grounding stones for contrast in color and feeling.

Agate available at BDB!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is last but certainly not least! A personal favorite of mine for the crystal clarity it provides. Quartz is an amplifying stone, and this version of it clears negative energy and supports positive. It’s a great balanced stone.

Smoky Quartz available at BDB!

I hope these stones can help bring around some much needed rest and relaxation. If not, at least they look pretty. If you’re interested in more gemstone fun, check out Gemstones Personified! Who Is your gemsona?


Grounding stones

12 Stones for Grounding, Calm, and Comfort

Wish[ful thinking] Bracelets

A wish bracelet is a simple bracelet crafted to break down, come apart, or fall off. There are many ways to construct a wish bracelet, check out Guided Patterns: 16+ ways to make your own. Have a friend tie it to you, three knots. With each knot, make a new wish. Overtime & with wear, the bracelet’s fibers will break down….until…one day….you’ve worn it to its last thread, & all that wish energy & positive thinking is released into the universe.

Remember to be kind to the planet; if you witness the bracelet’s demise, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

All wish hocus pocus applies, or does it? You decide.

so many pretty colors to choose from.

During this month of June, Blue Door Beads is selling rainbow wish bracelets. All profits of the bracelets will be donated to the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center at the end of the month.

#wesupport you & hope all your wishes come true.


Wish Bracelets & the Law of Attraction

Guided Patterns: 16+ ways to make your own wish bracelet



Welcome back to the continuation of CHAIN STYLES, part 1. Here lies information about chain styles that you could come across. You can refer to the first post (part one) for information on the most common styles (curb, cable & snake, etc.) and the differences between plated, sterling, and gold-filled materialities

Let’s get into it!

*Please enjoy the visual aids of our store’s current inventory. 🙂

Figaro Chain

An italian chain style similar to curb, where the links lie flat. Compromised of 2 or 3 short circular links alternating with a long oval-shaped link.

We carry this chain in a selection of sizes and plated materialities (1mm), as well gold-filled & sterling silver.

Rope Chain

A chain with links twisted into a pattern to resemble a rope.

We currently only carry this chain in gold-filled.

Twisted (Singapore) Chain

“…constructed using a series of flat diamond cut chain links. Several of these links are interwoven to form a diamond shape, and then in turn these diamond shaped links are twisted and flattened to form a chain.”


We carry this chain in a copper (shown) & a silver-plated satellite chain.

Satellite Chain

The chain itself can vary in style, but it is ultimately identified by the small beads placed intervals ( e.g.1″) apart.

We carry this chain in a selection of sizes and plated materialities, as well as sterling and gold-filled.

Paper Clip Chain

Uniform elongated links with a rectangular frame; mimics a sequence of connected paperclips.

We carry this chain in select sizes in silver plated, matte gold plated, and sterling.

Chevron Chain

Named after the v-shaped links.

We carry this chain in a selection of plated materialities.

Bar Link Chain

Links alternating with a proportionally sized elongated rods.

We carry this chain in a selection of plated materialities as well as in sterling.

Resources & Further Reading:

Jewelers of America: Guide to Chain Styles

Big Bead Little Bead: Chain Glossary

Merriam Webster Dictionary: Chevron

What is Figaro Chain?

Do you like chain & fringe? Check out the link below for a tutorial on how to make this chain fringe necklace, made by staff:

Creative Reuse for Jewelry

Happy Earth Day…..Week! I hope you all have celebrated this great planet we live on by using less, recycling a bit more, and questioning whether or not items can serve any other purpose once their initial use has expired. If the latter is an unfamiliar proposition, I hope you will take inspiration from the following post:

*side note: Though all the terms below (redesign, repurpose, & reinvent) have easily become interchangeable with one another, in this context, each defines a particular process of upcycling any material into jewelry.

1. Redesign

This would pertain to old jewelry, be it yours, a family member’s, your haul from a thrift shop, an artistic fail or a moment you lost sanity (as an artist or buyer). Usually involves converting one jewelry piece into another, or disaggregating the parts to re-form them into a new composition with a “refreshed” design.

Do it yourself: One of the most common redesigns is that of a lost or fallen earring, leaving its counterpart to exist alone. If it holds value to you, the surviving earring can be converted into your next favorite necklace with a jump ring and a bit of cord/chain.

2. Repurpose

This pertains to materials with non-jewelry intended for purposes, with short lifespans, that you may otherwise dispose of after their initial use.

These materials may include can tabs, bottle caps, plastic straws, sporks, paperclips etc..

Some people are just religious about their sparking water; La Croix can glued to brass bangle band.
manipulated paperclips, @alohrydesignstudio

Do it yourself: Paperclips are just thick stainless wire that was bent into a form. There is not much of a difference from working with 18-20 gauge wire. Complications may arise when dealing with clips that have a coating. In these instances, remove the plastic coating or attach a simple earwire to its coiled form to give you a new pair of earrings for the office.

On a more organic note, @pocket_envy refused to give all her wisdom to the dentist.

3. Reinvent

Similar to repurposing, but in contrast, this category involves items intended for uses other than jewelry, with longer life-spans, that you might consider giving away or donating to others.

Are you ever too old for Hot Wheels?
materials used: nylon cord, heishi shells, and the lego person.

Do it yourself: Lego people’s bodies detach at the torso and the upper part is hollow, which allows running a string, or small piece of wire, from one side to another to be quite easy. Its just a matter of your design and how you wish to execute it.

materials used: KO thread, 11/0 Delica seed beads, wire, chain, and the lego person.

Big thanks to the BDB staff and friends for gifting this blog with their creations, we love to see the innovation of our peers!