April 2016 Artists – Luis Marroquin & Libby Paloma

A few words from our featured gallery artist, Luis Marroquin:

“Making art is a process in which I tap into something higher than myself, and through me, I channel that energy into creativity. Along the way over the years I’ve explored different materials, and by doing that have developed unique approaches to express concepts that I have. What making art means to me is that my time here was well spent. It empowers me. I’m very grateful that I have been able to help myself and others through creativity.”

Luis Marroquin is a Bay Area multi-media artist who uses his art as a tool to support community. He channels his creativity through a process he calls “Inner Tribe,” which describes going back to the roots of living in a supportive community which was driven by art, spirituality, and the focus on the tribe as a whole, as opposed to the individual. Expressing his truth and being inspired by the creative souls around him — as well as the different mediums he encounters — drives the creation of his paintings, sculptures, carved skateboards, and clothing. Experimenting with a variety of mixed media creates the broad scope of his artistic work.

Collaborating and working with other artists truly propels Luis’ work forward. From a variety of fundraisers and campaigns, Luis has found a way to give back to his community and create a variety of pieces. Recently Luis has been bringing awareness and supporting a local healing center, Community Well, started by his family and friends by dedicating a portion of the sales of his art to the center as well as being the artist in residence.



A little bit about our featured jewelry artist, Libby Paloma:

Bay Area native Libby Paloma is the creator and founder of Pieces by Paloma, a business committed to creating fashion-forward, individually hand crafted jewelry. All production is done in Libby’s Oakland studio where each piece is inspired by a stone, a bead, or a particular metal’s unique aesthetic and composed from start to finish with careful attention to creative detail and artistic vision.

Libby draws inspiration from her upbringing in San Francisco, where urban fashion was a force that could bring people together. Making fashion statements through jewelry has been a passion and a way of life for Libby from a young age. She could be found in after-school programs for young artists in the Mission District as young as 11 years old.

Libby’s Mexican heritage also influences her work. Many of her original pieces are named in Spanish, such as “La Roca” or “Tres Ojos,” as a way of honoring her cultural background; she feels the beauty of the Spanish language more fully captures the poetic essence of her jewelry.

Libby’s work can be found at Resurrect (just a few doors down from Blue Door Beads, at 4135 Piedmont Avenue), a fantastic retail establishment that is dedicated to supporting high-quality works created by local designers, and at piecesbypaloma.com.

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