July 2016 Artists – Lorraine Lerman & Erin Garcia

A few words from our featured artists, gallery artist Lorraine Lerman of LZ Lerman (clay prints & mixed media), and jewelry artist Erin Garcia:

An excerpt from gallery artist Lorraine Lerman’s artist statement:

Lorraine Lerman05“The works [displayed at Blue Door Beads] are made from clay monoprints [and] each is unique. Playing with the medium of clay print is a joyful process for me. Building on the clay matrix, or base, a slip-like clay powder (kaolin) is mixed with pigment, creating bright, high-impact colors. Industrial cloth fiber (Reemay) is used for hand-printing the images. Textures, shapes, silhouettes, found objects, photographs, dreams, landscapes and Zen brush strokes all enter the picture.

*   *   *

Lorraine Lerman01Objects from my mothers’ sewing box and an old tie from my husband [found] their way into a collage. Buttons found on a walk through the neighborhood are in another. Prints and ghost prints inspire cut and nailed constructions, a ‘hide-and-seek’ vision. Others reflect visual environments: a Caribbean mountain drenched in fog, or a blazing sky seen from an airplane window. The endless possibilities contain joy, the joy contains healing and healing is what we need on this earth.

*   *   *

I am deeply grateful to friends, family, artists, teachers, colleagues, writers, mentors, and community [members] such as the wonderful Blue Door Beads that allow me to pursue and share my art.”

A few words about featured jewelry artist, Erin Garcia:

Erin Garcia is a crafting superstar, teaching DIY classes, leading crafty parties, and always coming up with new projects for her handmade party goods brand, Feed the Fish Co. Erin’s designs have been featured on Darby Smart, and her handmade goods are popping up all over California at local gift shops. Erin is also part of the Blue Door Beads family where she guest teaches. Her jewelry line Elmwood is full of beachy hues and boho influences. Her pieces are meant for layering and mix & matching. Erin loves all things DIY, sandals year round, and heart-shaped everything.