Meet Sara!

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Sara (owner of Blue Door Beads)

I made my first pair of earrings when I was 8 years old at summer camp. I won’t ever forget that feeling of instant gratification by creating a wearable piece — right away, I knew I was hooked! My favorite part of working in a bead store is having a table full of customers that don’t know one another, who then work on projects together and leave as friends. Another perk of owning a shop is having the whole place all to myself after store hours! My favorite stone is carnelian — I love the color orange! I am originally from Southern California and went to college in Colorado, where I met my husband of 8 years, but I am now proud to call the Bay Area home since 2002. My other hobbies and passions are backpacking, road biking for fun and charity events, soccer, traveling, snowboarding, sewing and Sunday morning garage sales. Most recently, when I am not beading, I am spending time with my daughter (a.k.a. Bead Baby) who was born August 2011.








Bead Baby
(official BDB spokesbaby)

The Blue Door Beads Bead Baby, and she just so happens to be Sara’s daughter. Although she’s a bit young to create anything too intricate, we just know she’ll be a bold beader in her own right some day!

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5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Your website is amazing! I always look forward to checking it out. I am looking forward to another visit to Blue Door!
    Brenda (Auburn’s mom)

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