October 2016 Artists – Janis Anton & Karen McRobie

A few words from our featured artists, gallery artist Janis Anton and jewelry artist Karen McRobie:

Gallery Artist – Janis Anton

“I am an artist. I decided to become a painter, no one invited me to do this. My painting is personal and connective. I love the path of pigment along the surface tension of water. I love the demands of watercolor. I love the slow dry and depth of oil paints. I love the press but am not drawn to multiples. I gamble documentation with a Holga [low-fidelity camera]. I enter experience close up, navigate by detail. Investigations are personal, guided by what is close in my interior life and the external adventures that frame experience.”

About her latest work, Family History Series:

“My images are based on 11th-century botanical drawings and personal family photos. Both of these sources represent mystery and the edge of changing perceptions; the botanical drawings are from a time when a nascent scientific understanding existed alongside a mystical awareness of the natural world, while the family photographs of people I never met represent a fact of the past onto which I can project a sort of emotional narrative that fills in the gaps in my personal history. When I compose the paintings, the overlap of sources creates a new story of its own.”

Persephone Rises by Janis Anton

Today, The Deep End of the Pool by Janis Anton

Three Seeds Please by Janis Anton

Three Seeds Please by Janis Anton

The Hero by Janis Anton

The Hero by Janis Anton

Jewelry Artist – Karen McRobie

“Everyone is creative in some form or another!  Our artistry comes out in various ways …

I have been in higher education my entire professional life, working with international students, and much of my work is very creative.  Raising my two kids has been part science and part ‘the art-of-parenting’.  I have always designed and sewn clothing and anything else that can be made with fabric and an imagination.  And in 2012, when Blue Door Beads opened [its] lovely, welcoming store, I discovered an affinity for making things with beads.

In the shop, I was initially drawn to antique brass findings, which pair well with turquoise and green stones.  I love the warmth and earthiness of these components.  As my jewelry-making skills grew, I began to attempt the finer designs that are possible when working with sterling silver.  Silver goes so well with gemstones, so I naturally started working with gemstones, as well.  Since jewelry-making is a hobby for me, I challenge myself not to refine and reproduce a design, but rather to try out all sorts of components with a single goal: to find out what the piece will look like when it’s done. My work is eclectic; I hope you enjoy it!