October 2014 Artist – Carol Tanenbaum

IMG_5152Carol Tanenbaum

Carol celebrates the natural world in clay.  She constructs wall plaques for interiors and garden walls, which depict flora in a range of expression. Carol uses genuine plant specimens to create her plaques, and after making botanical impressions in the clay, she adds stains and glazes to bring variety to the images. As Carol explains, she “clearly loves nature and presents plant life in a manner that calls one to worship,” as her pieces “bring peace and calm to the viewer.” Whereas Mother Nature presents these growing things in repeated perfection, her work is impelled by her curiosity of pigment to color her work.

One of Carol’s primary sources for inspiration for her pieces is a memory of herself as a young girl taking walks along country roads in the town of Golden’s Bridge in Westchester County, NY with her father. She and her dad carried with them a small, color-coded field guide of wildflowers to identify what they saw.  Today she carries her garden sheers with her to take clippings of plants she thinks will be beautiful in clay.

In addition to working with clay, Carol also teaches paper bead-making at five venues: Blue Door Beads, Ethnic Arts, Women’s Cancer Resource Center, Studio One and Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp.  She enjoys sending people home happy that they’ve learned a new craft, made a piece of jewelry, and had fun in the process!

To see more of Carol’s work, visit www.caroltanenbaumdesigns.com.

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