May 2016 Artists – LaKeela Smith & Regina Wallace

A few words from our featured gallery artist, photographer LaKeela Smith:

“I was born and raised in Berkeley, Ca. I am a lover, fighter, teacher and photographer. I can say my favorite thing to do is LAUGH. I grew up always having a camera within reach. Meeting new people and capturing their genuine moments is a passion of mine and I am so honored to live that passion in my day-to-day life.

For me, photography is this intersection where I can most effectively interact with the beauty, nature, and people around me. Being able to capture moments from behind a camera lens is one of the greatest gifts I have ever learned. I love capturing people in real moments and in natural-light settings. My style features some posed images, but I create a relaxed environment for everyone involved. I hope the photos I take for you will bring you laughter, tell your story, and truly touch your heart.”
IMG_7589IMG_7344IMG_7466 IMG_7589A few words from our featured jewelry artist, Regina Wallace of Funky Finery:

“I have been designing jewelry since the early ’90s, deriving my inspiration from the shapes, colors, and textures found in nature. Initially beadwork and wire-wrapping were the main techniques I used to execute my designs; however, through the years I have cultivated a fondness for fiber arts and metal manipulation. So to keep things exciting and fresh, I love to combine various techniques for a really unique approach to my craft.

As a certified Crystal Energy practitioner, since 2003, the healing properties of gemstones have been an extra added feature of my designs, whether doing custom work or as a buying incentive for the client. I provide crystal prescriptions for the client who desires to move beyond the aesthetics of my creations. Each stone’s unique energetic signature fuses with the wearer’s aura to facilitate healing and transformation. Using crystal card readings, the client can access the suggested stones to design a piece that is both therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing.

My latest area of interest has been Mexican alpaca wire work. Styles like this — fused with other cultural [accents, such as] African beads, Thai silver, vintage glass, and organics like seeds, nuts, and shells collected on my travels — add a unique flavor to my work. Combining all of these elements allow me to create more intricate and opulent pieces that speak to the integration of ritual and spirituality, resulting in modern day amulets and talismans imbued with sacred energy creating the ultimate power pieces.”

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