March 2016 Artists – Nila Oakes & Desiree Chow

A few words from our featured gallery artist, Nila Oakes, about her series of still-life photographs, Many Images On Squares:

“These photographs are based on the history of family and friends. Many are very old: a kitchen alarm clock, solid hammer, my mother’s baby shoes, my great grandmother’s  ‘Good Fairy’ figurine from 1915, a piece of gold Japanese artwork to be hung from the 1950s, my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine. Items span from my great grandmother, all the way down to current family…it gets better and better.”

Nila Oakes 01

Nila Oakes 02

Nila Oakes 05

A few words from our featured jewelry artist, Desiree Chow of Foxes and Robbers:

Desiree Chow_FoxesAndRobbers1

“Ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted to be an artist of some sort. I spent most of my free time as a child drawing and sketching, my teenage years painting and sewing, and now in my adult years still doing the same. Being born in Hong Kong, raised in Los Angeles, and now living in Oakland, the colorful urban environment influences and inspires a lot of my work. I love incorporating the vintage and the modern into my jewelry, just like how the old and the new intersects in all the wonderful cities I’ve lived in. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share my art and creations with everyone around me and hopefully bring beauty and joy to their lives.

When I discovered the world of jewelry-making a few years ago, I was thrilled by the infinite possibilities of what a piece of jewelry can be! I also love that bead embroidery is like creating a painting, with all the considerations of colors, compositions, and themes. Every tube of seed beads is like a tube of paint, and it’s up to me to mix them together to make this beautiful creation happen! Like every brushstroke in a painting, every bead [in my work] has been sewn on individually by hand with lots of love and care. It’s my ultimate goal to combine these two disciplines and create something unique and wonderful!”

Desiree Chow_FoxesAndRobbers2a

Desiree Chow_FoxesAndRobbers4a Desiree Chow_FoxesAndRobbers3a