November 2016 Artists – Patrick Bennett & Katy Jayne

A few words from our featured artists, gallery artist Patrick Bennett and jewelry artist Katy Jayne:

Gallery Artist — Patrick Bennett:

Patrick Bennett finds peace in creating art — also by playing golf, but he is better at this.  This is not how he spends his day though, which is typically at the university where he is employed. He has always been creative and enjoyed art, but has always completed one-off pieces and moved on. Most can be seen hanging on his walls, or given as gifts to family. In an effort to keep people from stealing his personal art off his wall, he has decided to put out a few series and let them buy it (maybe), including November’s collection, Random Acts of Artwork.

Patrick enjoys using all art media forms, including reclaimed wood, wire, staples, metal, and anything he can tinker with. He has dabbled in building chairs, cat-climbing trees, artistic shelving units, and a bunk bed for his 5-year-old daughter.

He is not your traditional artist, whatever that means. Try not to hold this against him. This is his first time showing his work, and he is proud to have it at Blue Door Beads.


Jewelry Artists — Katy Jayne:

As a queer femme, Katy makes jewelry that can be worn as armour or adornment. Jewelry that serves as a way to go out in the world feeling both beautiful and protected. The jewelry she makes is versatile, powerful, easy to wear, and unique. Most importantly, it serves as a talisman; each piece confirms the wearer’s identity.

Katy Jayne is a queer, femme maker from the hills of Western Maine. She began learning craft work at a young age. Growing up, she remembers spinning yarn from sheep they raised, weaving and knitting.  Working with her hands is part of who she is. A few years ago when Katy was new to Oakland, she was looking for connection and a creative outlet. That’s when she took her first metalwork class! That moment changed her life, and sparked a passion in her for creating metalwork that incorporates themes of queerness, identity, adornment, and nature. Katy also has a background in dance, and currently works from her home studio in Oakland, CA