November 2014 Artists – Jane Herlihy & Jennifer Bobrow

JaneJane Herlihy

“All my life, I’ve been intrigued by all things textile — from making clothes for my dolls and pets as a child, to sewing clothes for myself as a teenager, then on to macramé, needlepoint, and weaving. It wasn’t until ten years after I’d moved to California that I discovered the joy in quilt-making, a favorite pastime of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother in western Pennsylvania.

Over the years, I’ve probably made close to 300 quilts, have taught sewing, quilt-making and hand-quilting, and worked in a quilt shop. I am an active member of the East Bay Heritage Quilters, and I meet regularly with two local quilt groups. My pieces vary in size from king-sized bed quilts to 12-inch square journal quilts.

My most recent work is inspired by my travels. My best travel souvenirs are my photos, and they often serve as a jumping-off point for quilt design. I’ve found this to be a wondeful way to stay in the moment of a great vacation. I enjoy hand-dyeing fabric and often combine some hand-dyed cotton with commercially-printed cotton in my work. My quilt tops are mostly machine-quilted, although I do enjoy hand-quilting and almost always have a hand project in the works.”
DSC04683Jennifer Bobrow

Jennifer is a native Californian and has lived in Oakland for the past 15 years. She spends her days as a clinical supervisor for a non-profit organization committed to ending homelessness in the East Bay. She started making jewelry almost two years ago after wandering into Blue Door Beads and has been tumbling down the beaded rabbit hole ever since! Jennifer enjoys making earrings using semi-precious stones, mixed metals, and chain to form pieces that are feminine and organic with an urban edge. She also likes to take apart old and used pieces discovered at yard sales and give them “new life” as upcycled jewelry.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

Earrings by Jen Bobrow of Urban Gem.

To see more quilts, or to inquire about quilting classes, please contact Jane at
(510) 339-3494 or

To see more of Jennifer’s jewelry, visit her Etsy store and like her on Facebook!

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