June 2016 Artists – Kim Roudebush, Krystal Nzoiwu, and Sydney Khan

A few words from our featured artists, gallery artists Kim Roudebush and Krystal Nzoiwu, and jewelry artist Sydney Khan:

Kim Roudebush

“Using ink, watercolors and acrylics, I draw a visual interpretation of the experience in my immediate environment, while other times I draw from vivid dreams from the previous night. As a purposeful and keen observer, I breathe in what visceral feelings arise and exhale a meditated reaction to the conversations around and within myself. I am a Bay Area voyager, and these are my latest responses to our shared cacophony.”

Kimberly Roudebush is an artist originally from Chicago whose work is informed by the internal landscape of emotion and thought, and articulated onto the page in a colorfully fluid dialogue of constraint and release. Perpetually the art student, her experience ranges from beloved courses at the Art Institute of Chicago, to her continued education since 2013 at various Bay Area Community Colleges.

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Krystal Nzoiwu

My understanding and relations to others are affected by even the slightest physical interaction. I give meaning and attention where there may not have been any. Beauty marks. I construe intensity in eye contact, enigmas to a hug, relationships to a pat on the back, difference to a kiss. I listen to intuitions no matter how illogical. My painting can depict my interest, seduction, and investigations from my strange interpretations.

Color and pattern distinguish the different translated parts to their captivating feeling. I sculpt with colors in hopes that what I put on the flat canvas is felt as an abstraction from the norm. A thigh is so interesting to me – the solid smooth mass of muscles falls over the hanging under thigh; I imagine my gently pinched fingers warmed behind the bumpy knee. When I stretch my chest to the sky I picture protective ribs popping out – in vibrancy of neons and sexy red. Weather the piece is a gift or a random act of creativity, I combine my minds visualization and my emotional ideas into a colorful flurry that looks like an image but feels like a dream.

Krystal Chinyere Nzoiwu was born in Santa Clara, California in 1985. A Bay Area native, she has lived in San Jose, Fremont, Palo Alto and Berkeley. She received her BFA from the University of California – Berkeley Art Practice in 2008. Nzoiwu has completed a 6 month Art Instructor / Gallery Assistant Internship with Root Division, San Francisco in 2009, as well as a short stint at The Sun Gallery, in Hayward as an Instructor and Gallery Assistant. Nzoiwu has shown work at the Starry Plough and the Vulcan Lofts. Nzoiwu has been living and working in Oakland, California since 2009.

Nzoiwu - menNzoiwu - moon babyFeatured Jewelry Artist – Sydney Khan of Tropikali

Sydney Khan started creating jewelry at a young age at an alternative school where she was exposed to various types of craft and art processes. She continued exploring different types of art and fell in love with jewelry when she was able to proudly wear her creations. The empowering sense of accomplishment lead to an inescapable passion to share these pieces with others. She draws inspiration from taking hikes, and brings bright and colorful combinations from her Pakistani heritage. 

Tropikali is inspired by bright, bold pieces that the goddess Kali represents in Middle Eastern culture. Kali is a fierce mother who transcends time and does not hide behind a false self. Her three eyes represent the three pieces of time — past, present, and future — and bring awareness to the components of creation. Tropikali is inspired by these features with the intention to create bold and unique pieces to empower individuals to live life confidently and authentically.