Best of Tucson Trunk Show – Feb. 20th & 21st

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Sara & Briana heading back from Tucson with suitcases FULL of beads!

Blue Door Beads just returned from an epic trip shopping around Tucson, AZ, home of the largest annual gathering of bead-industry vendors, artisans, and all sorts of creative souls! We don’t have enough room in this post to list ALL of the amazing goodies we brought back for the shop, but here’s a taste:

* pearlized and AB-finish microfaceted gemstones
* ornate Tibetan beads and pendants
* ruby & sapphire briolettes
* fish vertebrae & snake vertebrae
* TONS of 3mm-4mm round gemstones — perfect for making wrap bracelets!
…and so, so, SO MUCH MORE!

The trunk show starts at 11am sharp on Saturday, Feb. 20th and ends Sunday, Feb. 21st at closing. The beads will be here to stay, but many of the strands pictured below (the opals, rubies, large pyrite, natural turquoise) are one-of-a-kind, so come to Blue Door Beads right at opening on Saturday to get first pick!

Please note we will be closing at 5pm on Friday, Feb. 19th to set up for the trunk show.
Champagne will be served on Saturday — we’re making it a party!

African trade beads with amazing natural turquoise draped on top!

African trade beads with amazing natural turquoise draped on top!


Sydney tying off strands of Chinese crystals, getting them ready for labeling!


Chinese crystals ready for sale!


Fancy-cut lemon topaz, off-white opal, white opal, and ruby briolettes.


Electroplated hematite — so sparkly!


BIG chunky pyrite


Tibetan beads with ornate details


Carved wooden rings