August 2015 Artists – Christina Kwan & Jen Bobrow

A few words from our August Gallery Artist, Christina Kwan:
Christina Kwan portrait

“Landscape photography is not something I thought would be a hobby of mine. I never really paid attention to nature and its beauty until I went on a hike to Hanging Lake just outside of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, back in 2006. I had a camera with me just to capture moments on the hike, but as I was hiking I started noticing all the beauty of Mother Nature around me — the sights and sounds — and I started taking more photos. It is one of the most memorable hikes I have ever been on. When I close my eyes I can still see the numerous waterfalls and greenery, and hear the sound of the water. Being in nature is meditative for me because it’s just me and my camera. The bustling city and everyday stresses fall off my shoulders and I can just focus on what my eyes see. Being in nature and capturing its beauty is what drives my art.”

By Christina Kwan

By Christina Kwan

Jennifer Bobrow is an Oakland artist that began making jewelry two years ago after stumbling into Blue Door Beads. One pair of earrings quickly became 50, then 100 and she now has a small indie business called Urban Gem.  By mixing metals, semi-precious gemstones, upcycled vintage components, and chain, she creates pieces that are earthy, urban, and delicately edgy.   When she is not squinting at small objects, she works as a clinical supervisor for a non-profit agency that is committed to ending homelessness in the Bay Area.

This lovely lady is modeling a pair of vibrant earrings by Jen Bobrow for Urban Gem

This lovely lady is modeling a pair of vibrant earrings by Jen Bobrow for Urban Gem

Jen Bobrow Urban Gem

A little Urban Gem flair!

Jen Bobrow

Jen Bobrow

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