BDB Is All About DIY

From day one, Blue Door Beads has focused on empowering customers and students to create their own fabulous jewelry. We are more than happy to offer our stringing, wire-wrapping, and finishing services, but we would much rather show folks how to make jewelry themselves!

We have also enjoyed showing people how we have created other items throughout the shop, including our bead & tool storage, jewelry displays, and much more! While looking around the store recently, we realized we’ve added loads of cool DIY displays over the past two years, so we decided to take some snapshots to share with you. Enjoy!


Our famous little blue chair gets new flowers every month or so, and customers know that when we place it outside our door, our day has begun!


Our finished jewelry display is a combination of old window frames, doorknobs, planks of wood, old crates, picture frames, and decoupaged vases from thrift stores. Oh, and an old bathroom cabinet mirror!


A chair with a split in its seat now holds our handmade shopping trays.


A large wooden spool from an old textile mill is perfect as a work table tool rack once you drill some holes in the base and attach some large fish hooks!


We screwed some cup hooks into the top of the spool so we could suspend our fish hooks.


Random planks of wood were repurposed to hold all of our tools behind our counter. Holes of various sizes hold pliers of different shapes.


A few brass hooks + piece of a redwood 2×4 = the perfect wall-hanging for our wire by-the-foot!


We wanted to split up our large store space and create a classroom, so we built a giant wall made of old doors and windows!


Cast-iron cornbread pans, muffin tins, and other repurposed containers work quite well for holding loose beads.


One of our favorite containers: an cast iron cobbler/harness maker’s “lazy susan” (the flower-shaped dish), formerly used for holding nails and other cobbler’s materials!


Antique printer’s trays are perfect for holding thousands of tiny, loose beads!


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.10.08 PM

What used to be an abandoned chip bag holder (found in the local CVS parking lot)…


…soon became our silk cord & nylon cord holder!