November 2015 Artists – Group Art Show & Emily Tedford

Featured Gallery Artists

Mick Jagger portrait by Rachel Bleckman

Mick Jagger portrait by Rachel Bleckman

Rachel Bleckman
Rachel’s photography expertise includes portraits, events, and corporate work, but it was the time she spent from 1992 until 2008 photographing musicians onstage that inspired the pieces she’s featuring in our group show. Jam Productions, Rolling Stone, Bill Graham Presents, and various other music publications and promoters hired her to shoot a huge variety of rock shows, and for each artist she only had three songs (no flash!) to capture the perfect photo. Her work reflects that fast-paced, rock-and-roll atmosphere and helps the viewer feel like they actually got to see Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, and Carlos Santana on stage!


Mixed media piece by Michele Menard

Mixed media piece by Michele Menard

Michele Menard
Michele is an interdisciplinary working artist and teaching artist with education and experience in theater, puppetry/masks, directing, visual arts and crafts, creative writing and musical performance. She has been creating for over 15 years using the mixed mediums of collage, water color and acrylic paint, fabric, found wood, oil pastels, crayons, glitter, pen and cardboard. She has shown her work locally and nationally, and she’s excited to be a part of Blue Door Gallery’s group show!



Portrait by Dara Rosenwasser

Portrait by Dara Rosenwasser

Dara Rosenwasser
Dara is interested in visual storytelling and the personal narrative. She investigates the spaces between the tangible and intangible boundaries of memory through elements of photography, performance, and time-based medias. She has worked as a professional commercial and portrait photographer since 2006, and continues to exhibit nationally, creating new commissioned-based work. Dara is also an instructor and the Art Coordinator at Blue Door Beads. For more info and inquiries visit her website at




Photo by Jeanette Bath

Photo by Jeanette Bath

Jeanette Bath
The pieces Jeanette is featuring in the Blue Door Gallery group show are images that she gathered in India during her travels through Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, and Agra. Jeanette’s deep love for the culture, beauty, colors, and kindness drew her to make these portraits as a reflection of her time there.  Her friends in Mumbai made it all possible for Jeanette to travel in an authentic and fun way, photographing daily her experiences .  Bringing many stories home from her traveling, Jeanette is grateful to be sharing this window into time with you.  Jeanette has a background in photography, graduating from the Commercial Photography Program at Seattle Central.  She is currently on staff at Franklin High School in Seattle, WA and continues to freelance and show her photography to new audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.18.42 PMFeatured Jewelry Artist

Emily Tedford, Designer and Owner of Blue Brooklyn

“When I was seven years old, I changed my name to Liz Coz and opened a gallery in our kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I sold paintings to family members and friends until they were gone.  Now, at the age of thirty, after completing my master’s degree in education, I am getting in touch with the girl who created that artist persona.

I started making jewelry in 2013, after reading Isabel Allende’s The Infinite Plan, in which one of the main characters makes jewelry — I thought it sounded freeing.  Shortly after, I fell in love with making jewelry, and opened my Etsy shop.  Through my handmade business, Blue Brooklyn, I’m on a mission to make approachable and vibrant jewelry and accessories for folks who care about buying handmade. I source my materials locally, using thrifted and vintage items to make my wares whenever possible.”

For more information, visit, and find her on Instagram: @blue_brooklyn

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