Meet Our New Instructors!

After a short hiatus from classes for the holiday season, they’re now back & better than ever! Our Spring 2017 class season not only includes a wide range of new classes, but also a great group of new instructors! Allow us to introduce you to a few of our newest team members:

Carol Bernau 

Carol’s true love is weaving seed beads, because seed beads show endless possible permutations of color, shape, texture, and reflection of light. Join her in learning a new seed bead weaving technique in her Friday, April 21st class, Herringbone Weave Bracelet.



Jen Laursen

Inspired by the beautiful leatherwork from Mexico, 6 years ago Jen went on a quest to teach herself this time-honored tradition. She now teaches private lessons and group workshops to kids and adults, and loves every minute! Jen’s Leather Punched Jewelry class is coming up on Thursday, March 16th.


Elizabeth McKinley

Elizabeth is a Registered Yoga Teacher and teaches groups and individuals yoga and meditation, emphasizing the body-mind-spirit connection. Join Elizabeth for Malas & Meditations on Saturday, March 11th and explore mantras and methods of meditation using a mala you will create in class!


Rae Rodriguez

Rae has been designing jewelry for over 18 years, and she finds metal clay fascinating in many ways — and also very fun to teach! Join her Saturday, March 18th for her Intro to Metal Clay class, where students will explore molding, forming, and firing this amazing material.


Joe Silvera

A master jewelry with over 25 years of jewelry and teaching experience, Joe’s classes provide a great foundation in the fundamental skills of jewelry, mixed with laughter and creativity. On Saturday, March 11th, Joe will be hosting his Saw, Hammer, & Rivet class — a great introduction class that demonstrates how to use a jeweler’s saw, hammering techniques, riveting, and polishing by hand.

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WTF? or The ROI of Open Studio Time

Iris’ classes are consitently our most popular — and for good reason! Iris makes all jewelry-making techniques very approachable, and students who take one of her classes instantly become fans of her workshops. So, it is no surprise that Iris was one of the first of our instructors to jump on the Create Space bandwagon. We’re so glad she did! Thank you, Iris, for your time, patience, and kind words about our Create Space hot & cold studios. See you soon!

Sandkuhler's Blog

Forging into new territory? Read the story of how one student benefitted by registering for Open Studio time at Create Space, Blue Door Beads, Oakland California.

Today we started an experiment. I work as an independent contractor at a really cool bead-store-cum-art-space in Oakland, California which is located in the East Bay of San Francisco. As an independent contractor, I pack up all the tools, materials, equipment and handouts for a particular workshop, drive down from the North Bay, arrive at Blue Door Beads, teach my metals workshops (, go home, unpack, reorder, restock and get paid for it.

The problem is, many of my metal-smithing students need time to acquire their tools and practice their skills. We’ve had many requests about offering a supervised open studio space at the shop, where they can practice until they are comfortable enough to work alone. I live too far away (bridges, traffic…

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