All That Sparkles: Photos from our 3rd Annual Jewelry Collective!

We are proud to say that this year’s Jewelry Collective was our most successful to date! 16 local artists displayed their work here at Blue Door Beads through December 22nd, and it all started with a wonderful Opening Night on Thursday, December 17th! Below is a collection of photos we took that night, and you can see more close-up examples of each artist’s work by visiting our More Fun Stuff page. Enjoy!


Katie setting up her jewelry display. We want that wooden swivel box!

Version 2

Katie’s completed display, streamlined and lovely — gift boxes included!


Janet and Cheryl (Bellacarisma) having fun setting up their jewelry!


We liked the subtle elegance of Cheryl’s display — very clean lines, and easy to see her pieces.

Version 2

Janet had lots of cute textured “trees,” and she featured her work at different heights for variety.


Chau (Beaded Girl) and Dawn (Dawn Boyer Jewelry) were getting in the holiday spirit! 🙂

Chau kept her display simple so people could happily pick up and try on her jewelry with ease!

Dawn’s “earring trees” were super cute, and she enticed customers with candy — yum!

Version 2

Jewelry by Tanya Moss of Laurels & Moss — a perfect example of letting jewelry speak for itself. Her dainty gold-filled pieces stood out against both her clean white and dramatic black jewelry busts.


Sara giving Kelly some encouragement during her set-up.

Version 2

Jewelry by Kelly Rathmann of Subtle Spark Jewelry. Kelly’s display was low-fuss, with subtle texture and a range of shapes to keep it intriguing.

Version 2

Jewelry by Stacy Presson of Joyful Jewelry. Stacy’s display was another great example of featuring jewelry at different levels to add visual interest.


Karen Deford posing with her jewelry (D4D Creations).

Karen’s colorful jewelry showed up nicely against her dark blue, subtley-patterned backdrop.


Revola of Revola J setting up her vibrant display!

Revola’s big, bold jewelry called for an equally bold display with lots of shimmer and shine!


Danya of Jolie Bijoux. Danya’s delicate pieces looked terrific on her rustic, vintage-style box!


Courtney of Feisty Kitty Jewelry

Version 2

Courtney’s whimsical, seasonal display. We loved the snowflakes & candy canes!


Phred Swain-Sugarman of ph.RED. Phred used a creative mix of romantic pieces (perfume tray, ornate frame) and pops of color to show off her upcycled pieces.

Phred, Courtney, and Danya with their lovely jewelry!


Sydney having fun serving champagne to all of the guests!


We had a full house all night long!

Our fabulous artists! Left of overhead light (L-R): Margaret, Cheryl, Katie, Stacy, and Revola. Under light (back to front): Janet, Danya, Chau, Courtney, and Dawn. Right of light (L-R): Karen, Phred, Tanya, Kelly, and Vida.