Coupons & Contests

Thank you for being TrueBlue!

Each month, “bookmark” this page to treat yourself to great savings! Remember to show us the coupons below the next time you’re in the shop (either on your smartphone or as a printed-out paper coupon) to receive your exclusive TrueBlue discounts!

Next time you are in the shop, make sure to give us your birth month & day to receive a special Happy Birthday Discount!

Want even MORE discounts, special deals, & enticing goodies?


Follow us on Instagram for your chance to enter Instagram-only contests and giveaways, and to see what’s new in the shop.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.25.13 PM Like us on Facebook to be notified of in-store flash sales, events, and people in our community.


2 thoughts on “Coupons & Contests

  1. Will you ever be placing your jewels for online purchase. I live out of state and you have unique pieces I am interested in.

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