The Votes Are In — The Winner Is Instagram!

IMG_6834We asked for your feedback regarding your preferred social media platform(s), and we received almost 90 total votes in our retail store. We weren’t sure who the winner would be, but after just a short period of taking votes (via beads placed in different jars), the answer is crystal clear: the winner is Instagram!

Customers told us that, when it came to finding out what was going on with their favorite businesses and artists, they looked to Instagram. They said that folks posting on Instagram featured exclusive giveaways, promotional codes, and flash sales — plus, if the accounts they followed were good about supporting fellow artists, they could tag each other and send followers to one another.  In the world of independent jewelry artists, specialty bead stores, and other like-minded individuals, we agreed that Instagram is probably one of the most important modern-day resources out there!

Speaking of which, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow Blue Door Beads on Instagram @bluedoorbeads

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