The Winners of our 2015 Jewelry Design Contest!

We’ve chosen the winners for our 2015 Jewelry Design Contest!!!

Participants simply had to pick up a free bag of our 3 challenge beads (see photo at bottom of this page) and start creating something fabulous by incorporating other supplies and beads of their choice into their designs. Designers were required to use at least 2 out of the 3 beads, and entires were judged on originality, creativity, technique, and overall wearability.

The winning jewelry designs will remain on display at the shop throughout the month of August, and our winners will receive gift certificates from Wine on Piedmont, Resurrect, and (of course!) Blue Door Beads.

Congratulations to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Well done, everyone!

Courtney Thompson

Courtney Thompson

1st Place Winner – Courtney Thompson. Congrats, Courtney! You have won a $30 gift certificate to Blue Door Beads!

Courtney has been beading for over 12 years, and she was inspired to create her contest piece after recently exploring vintage bakelite jewelry on Pinterest. Our design contest beads fit the bill perfectly!

Lesley Mandros Bell

Lesley Mandros Bell

2nd Place Winner – Lesley Mandros Bell. Congrats, Lesley! You have won a Blue Door Beads mouse pad and a $10 gift certificate to Wine on Piedmont!

Lesley has been beading off-and-on for over 30 years. After a recent illness left her out of commission for several weeks, Lesley was eager to get back to doing something creative. She then received our design contest email, and took it as a sign. She found our bead choice particularly challenging, and appreciated the push to create a truly unique design!

3rd Place Winner - Shawna Lewis

Shawna Lewis


3rd Place Winner – Shawna Lewis. Congrats, Shawna! You have one a bead storage box and a $10 gift certificate to Resurrect!

Shawna has been beading casually since high school, but has become really serious with her hobby over the last two years. She really enjoyed our bead selection for the design contest, since it really pushed her to find a way to put herself into her jewelry design using beads she otherwise would not have chosen.



Entry #1

Maria Gentry


Carolyn Rodkin


Bernadette LaNoue


Karen McRobie


Jenny Cantrell


Riki Henderson


Rachel Sedberry

The three Design Challenge Beads -- the blue one has three holes!

The three Design Challenge Beads — the blue one has three holes. Tricky!