Rachel’s Fringe Necklace Tutorial

Blue Door Beads’ weekend manager, Rachel, recently completed a necklace that had customers oooing and ahhing throughout her creative process. Although not a quick project, Rachel’s Fringe Necklace is actually very easy to put together, and it feels lovely to wear!

Below are the steps and materials you’ll need in order to make this bohemian-style, fun & funky necklace!

Toolds & Materials:
* 16 inches to 18 inches of small rolo chain. (Inner diameter of each link should be no smaller than 2mm)
* 78 inches (6.5 feet) of flat cable chain
* 40-50 jump rings, 4mm
* clasp of your choice
* two pairs of flat nose pliers
* one pair of flush cutters

1) Cut 16 inches to18 inches of rolo chain. This will be the base to which you will attach all of your dangling pieces.

2) Open one jump ring with your flat nose pliers and attach it to one end of the rolo chain. Close the jump ring.

3) Open another jump ring and slide it onto the other end of the rolo chain. Before closing the jump ring, slide on your lobster claw, too. Close the jump ring.

4) Put on your new, finished, plain rolo chain necklace. Make a note of where the necklace falls on your neckline. You may want to shorten it eventually, but don’t make any adjustments yet.

5) Either while still wearing your rolo chain, or after you lay it flat on a work surface, find the center of your necklace. Mark this spot with a piece of twine, or by sliding a paper clip or safety pin into the loop (this can be removed later.)

6) Remove your necklace and lay it flat on your work surface.

7) Open another jump ring and slide it on one end of the 6.5 feet of flat cable chain.

8) Attach the end of the flat cable chain (using the open jump ring) to your necklace to the center of the rolo chain, after removing your place-marker. Close the jump ring.

Step 8.

Step 8.

9) Without cutting any of the flat cable chain yet, hold up your design to see how long you want the center piece of flat cable chain to be. (We recommend putting your necklace back on for this step.)*

* Deciding how long you want this piece of flat cable chain is important because it will be your longest piece. All other subsequent pieces of chain will gradually get shorter. Rachel’s center piece was 3 inches long.

10) Once you decide how long the center piece of chain will be, trim the chain to the length you want. Remember that all subsequent pieces of chain are only a single, tiny link shorter than the one before it.

11) Continue performing steps 8 through 10 with each new piece of chain you want to attach. We recommend attaching chain pieces from the center-out, and you can choose to either do one side at a time, or to alternate left and right sides as your “fan” grows wider.

* It may be easier for you to perform the steps while laying your necklace flat on a work surface, but be sure to occasionally try on your necklace to see how full you want your finished piece to be. Rachel’s finished piece used 6.5 feet of flat cable chain, but you may find you prefer a smaller “fan” of chain in the end.

Step 11.

Step 11.

Rachel's necklace, after she completed attaching one entire side's worth of chain.

Rachel’s necklace, after she completed attaching one entire side’s worth of chain.

Design Modification: If you want a more dramatic “V”-shaped necklace, you can trim more than a single chain link from each piece. We recommend doing this gradually — after you finish your necklace, start by trimming 2-3 links off of each piece. The same goes for shortening the rolo chain part of your necklace — take baby steps, and only take off a few links at a time. Remember: you can always cut more chain off, but you can’t put the links back on.

Voilà — enjoy wearing your fabulous necklace!