Start The Year Off Right!

We are happy to say 2012 was a pretty darn good year for us here at Blue Door Beads. We opened our doors in June and steadily built an incredibly creative, fun, and loyal customer base over the next few months. Before we knew it, the holiday season was upon us, and although we knew we would be busy, we had NO IDEA how many people couldn’t wait to make their holiday gifts! The flood of customers was wonderful, and there were many afternoons when our public work table was chock full of happy beaders, sometimes for hours at a time! It was so energizing to be in such a warm, inspiring environment, humming with creativity. Best holiday season EVER!

Holiday beaders, hard at work!

Blue Door Beads customers hard at work!

Now that it is January, we want to keep the creative buzz going! We know how hard it can be to keep a New Year’s resolution, but here’s an easy one for you: this month, create a jewelry design that is 100% unique. We love surfing Pinterest, getting inspiration from beading magazines, and drooling over the Sundance catalog, but this month, each one of the Blue Door Beads staff is going to create something completely unique, using nothing but our little gray cells for inspiration. We definitely don’t expect this process to be quick — we’re not miracle-workers! However, we are giving ourselves the deadline of January 31st to complete our pieces, at which point we will post them on this blog for all to enjoy.

Join us in our New Year’s resolution and please send us photos of your work when you are done! We would love to feature your unique designs on our blog. If you happen to be local, check out our Jewelry Design Contest. We look forward to seeing what your creative minds have in store. 🙂 Bead boldly!