The Seasons, They Are A-Changing

In case you didn’t know, Blue Door Beads shares a building and storefront with a great book store called Spectator Books. (Can you think of a more perfect combination?! It’s a match made in heaven!) Needless to say, it’s easy to spend many a lunch break perusing the shelves at Spectator, and it was during one of our more recent perusals through the DIY/craft/sewing/fashion section we were reminded of this gem:

We know what you’re probably thinking: color analysis is a bit, well…dated. True, this puppy was published back in 1987, and the hairstyles alone will make you feel as though you’ve entered a time warp (Dorothy Hamill hairdo, anyone?). However, the core message of this tome was enough to give us pause. Since summer is gradually coming to a close, we thought it would be interesting to explore color “seasons” as it relates to jewelry.

If you are not familiar with the concept of color analysis, here is a simple explanation: using a color guide, an individual can determine what “season” best fits their skintone and hair color. Once he or she has determined whether they are a Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter, they can then build their wardrobe and beauty regimen around their seasonal assignment so as to “look great and feel fabulous” (as Color Me Beautiful proudly declares on its cover). While we wouldn’t go so far as to say you need a wardrobe overhaul, it probably couldn’t hurt to spice up your jewelry a bit, right?

The Chic Fashionista is a fun website that outlines a wide range of features (hair color, eye color, skintone, etc.) to consider when determining your “season.” It may take a while for you to read through all of the different possibilities and profiles, but once you have, it’s fairly easy to narrow your “season” down.

We took a bit to determine our “seasons,” as well as those of some popular celebrities (who may end up working here on the weekends, you never know!), and created the following jewelry designs based on the colors within our “seasonal” profiles.

Sara: Warm Clear Spring

Sara’s golden hair and light hazel eyes, combined with the warm undertones to her skin, are brought out best by a Spring palette. The royal blue of the shirt she is wearing in this photo, as well as the bright turquoise, red-orange and lime green beads she used in her necklace, are all beautifully vibrant hues that complement her coloring.

Lydia: Cool Deep Winter

Lydia’s dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, and pale ivory skin puts her in the Winter season. Vibrant, cheerful colors (lemon yellow, cherry red, kelly green) brighten up her skin tone, but deep jewel tones (amethyst purple, forest green, and medium-to-dark blue, as in the necklace pictured below) are the colors that make the most elegant contrast with her fair complexion.

Briana: Cool Medium Summer

Briana has cool coloring both in her eyes (gray blue) and in her hair (medium ash brown), which puts her in the Summer season. Variations of blue and purple, such as periwinkle, bring out the blue in Briana’s eyes, and shades of green, such as the tumbled sea glass in Briana’s necklace, or the aqua-colored chrysoprase in the earrings pictured, are a nice contrast to both her skin tone and hair color.

Michelle Obama (First Lady of the United States): Warm Deep Autumn

Michelle has a beautiful chocolate skin tone, which contrasts nicely with her jet black hair and her deep, dark eyes, placing her in the Autumn season. Earth tones look great on Michelle, but so do bright colors, such as lime green, sky blue, or the bright yellow of her blouse. During her down time, we like to think she might enjoy wearing the earthtone-colored “Summer Roadtrip” necklace from Vintaj, a perfect homage to her travels worldwide as the FLOTUS!

Sofia Vergara (Columbian actress, stars in “Modern Family”): Warm Deep Autumn

Although Sofia’s coloring is different from Gabby’s, she, too, is a Warm Deep Autumn thanks to her dark brown hair and the golden undertones to her skin. Sofia knows what colors look best on her, and has worn many gorgeous gowns in a variety of colors, including pale peach, dark green, and royal blue, all of which give her amazing golden skin a healthy glow. We believe the “Storybook” necklace from Vintaj would look great on her, thanks to the deep purples, fun splashes of yellow, and its overall bold design, which suits her personality!

Zhang Ziyi (Chinese actress, stars in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”): Cool Deep Winter

If you do a Google search for images of Zhang Ziyi, you will find many pictures of her in black. A true jet black looks amazing on Zhang, since it not only matches her rich black hair, but also plays up her porcelain skin, a lovely combination that is typical of a Cool Deep Winter. However, we also enjoyed the pictures we found of her in fuschia, cherry red, and bright blue. Perhaps she’d enjoy wearing the brightly-hued “Woodland Faerie” necklace from Vintaj, which would give her a chance to play with a cheerful & vibrant color palette.

We hope you have enjoyed our journey through the “seasons,” and we also hope this blog inspires you to explore new color options with your jewelry! Colors are great mood-boosters, and whether the change is big or small, it’s amazing what a splash of a different color can do for your outfit, your attitude, and your outlook on life. Bead boldly!