Wrap It Up!

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the newest trends in jewelry, since the fashion world is constantly evolving. But in case you didn’t know, wrap bracelets are the current trendy accessory for both men & women. (Check out our previous blog That’s a Wrap, featuring our how-to for an ultra-easy wrap bracelet design.) Do some research and you’ll find that designer versions of some styles can go for triple digits. Yowza! Love the look, but not the price tag? Have no fear, Blue Door Beads is here to help you make an equally appealing bracelet for a fraction of the price.

It’s amazing how easy these bracelets are to make, especially the version that’s a combo of leather & metal “beads”. All you need to make a double-wrap bracelet (for a 7-inch to 7.5-inch wrist) is:
– 4 feet of leather cord (1mm or 1.5mm both look great)
– 10 feet of waxed linen in a complimentary or contrasting color
– 22 inches of ball chain, like the kind used for dog tag necklaces — no need to thread a single bead!
– a button, washer, or large-holed bead to use as a clasp

We like using waxed linen as our anchoring thread because it’s stiff enough that it stays pretty much right wear you wrap it, without needing to constantly pull it taught. However, both the linen and the leather will soften with wear, resulting in a perfect, broken-in feel!

We highly recommend coming in to the shop so we can show you how to create this trendy accessory (for less than $9.00, by the way)! However, if you aren’t nearby and are in an adventurous mood, check out this great DIY how-to: DIY Wrap Bracelet.

And there you are! A fun new bracelet project for you to try out. Once you’ve completed your bracelet (or several!), be sure to email us your finished pieces at blog@bluedoorbeads.com and we’ll share the photos on our Facebook page. Happy beading!


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