We Love Lillypilly!

We love unique, bold pendants, but it always seems that the bigger the pendant, the heavier it is. We don’t know about you, but we don’t really like big, bulbous baubles weighing us down throughout our day, which is why we love the lightweight line from Lillypilly Designs!

Owner Heidi Viau has been using a CO2 laser to intricately engrave nature-inspired designs onto various natural materials since 2003. Lillypilly is well-known for their gorgeous shell pendants (pictured at left), as well as their gorgeous designs on semi-precious stones, tagua nuts, wood, horn, and buri seeds.

The newest line from Lillypilly is a series of anodized aluminum sheets and shapes in bold, playful, and beautiful designs in vibrant colors (picture at right). Punch holes in the shapes with metal punch pliers to create charms, pendants, links & more!

Zees arr sum uv zee most beeyooteefool peecez we av evar seen! What was all that gibberish, you ask? Read it again with a French accent! We’re trying to get in touch with our French side in honor of Bastille Day (France’s Independence Day) this Saturday, July 14th.  Why not throw a festive fête, break out un peu de fromage et une bouteille du vin (a bit of cheese and a bottle of wine) and have yourself an extra-fancy Bastille Day beading session? Très chic. 🙂 Happy Bastille Day from Les Perles de La Porte Bleue (Blue Door Beads)!


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