Chain It Up!

We are partial to all kinds of chain: fine, heavy, shiny, antiqued, silver, gold…the list goes on & on! Chain is incredibly versatile, and although it is tempting to use it in the simplest way possible in jewelry-making (chain + pendant = necklace. *yawn*), we encourage you to use it in much more interesting ways. For example:

Create flowy, dangly earrings.
It doesn’t take much to create this delicate look. First, we created a wire loop, hooked it to the oval component, then wire-wrapped the loop closed. Next, we slid a bead on the remaining straight wire, created another wire loop (but left it open), then slid several pieces of the same chain in various lengths onto the wire loop before wrapping it up. We then attached an ear wire to the oval component to complete the earring. The result is a long & dangly earring that is also pleasantly lightweight!

Use chain links to connect donut beads together.

One of the many reasons we love Vintaj nickel-free brass chain is the fact that the larger styles are made up of links that open up with pliers! Not only does this mean you lose fewer links by not having to cut them, but it also opens up many more possibilities for attaching charms, bead links, or large-hole beads, like the bracelet pictured. Mix & match donuts of different colors, or add rings of different sizes. The sky’s the limit!

Add dramatic flair.
This necklace could look nice as a simple series of wire-wrapped bead links connected with chain. However, we wanted to create a more dramatic look, so we opened up the chain links connecting the bead links and added varying lengths of different types of chain, including etched, rounded, and smooth. This added texture & a little bit more personality!

These are only a few possibilities for how you can use chain in your next jewelry project. Want to see your unique chain design featured in our blog? Email us at and you could be featured in a future post!