That’s a Wrap

We are huge fans of one of the newest trends in the jewelry world: wrap bracelets! We’re currently working on some samples that include a combo of leather cord and gemstone beads that we hope to unveil soon. (We’re sure the suspense is killing you…muah ha ha ha!)

In the meantime, we created a few styles of bracelets that are perfect for the instant gratification kind of person — and who isn’t? Try these bracelets on for size:

You can make each of these bracelets (which can pull double duty as necklaces) in literally less than 5 minutes. Here’s how:
1.) Take a super long piece of suede (3.5 yards or longer, depending on your wrist size & the number of wraps you’d like), create a loop at one end & knot it.
2. Take a large-hole bead and slide it onto the other end.
3. Tie a knot next to the bead & trim any excess cord from the knot.
4. Wrap your fab creation around your wrist, slide the bead through the loop, and enjoy the compliments!