Add Some Personality to Your Garden

One of the gals here at Blue Door Beads has a bit of a black thumb. It’s not that she doesn’t try to succeed at gardening — she makes sure her plants are well-watered, in appropriate sunlight, bug-free, etc. But she’s just come to terms with the fact that she is destined to raise succulents & catci. And that’s OK, because any plant is a good plant.(Except maybe for dandelions, the scourge of any garden. Darn those dandelions!)

Whether you are a pro gardener or not, anyone with a soft spot for plants can enjoy creating something fun for the little patch of green in their life. Some whimsical pieces of garden flair that are a snap to make: cutlery garden markers!

All you need to make these darling decorations are some old spoons, forks or knives, a sturdy hammer, an anvil, and a letter punch set. We carry all of the tools you need to get started — you’ll just need to find some cool cutlery. Who’s up for a garage sale?!

Play around with different words, such as an inspirational message (click on the photo at left for a larger view) or the names of the flowers/herbs you have planted. One busy Pinterest member created spoons for her entire herb garden! (pictured below) The possibilities are endless, and stamping out the day’s frustrations onto metal feels GREAT! Be sure to do your stamping on a heavy-duty table or outside on a porch or sidewalk, and keep in mind that stamping on metal is a loud activity, so take frequent breaks to give your ears a rest. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your stamping labor. As for fruit sprouting in your garden…that may take a bit more time & effort. 🙂 Have fun!