Being a Newborn & Honoring Fathers

We have to admit, being a newborn is pretty sweet. Everyone is excited to see us, people greet us with smiles and words of encouragement, and (naturally) can’t stop telling us how CUTE we are! Well, the shop environment, anyway. 🙂

We are pleased to say that our first week open has been wonderful. Everyone in the neighborhood has been extremely welcoming, and we already have returning customers! Folks have been eager to come in, pick out some beads, and work on their projects. We even had several gents come in yesterday with jewelry projects in mind. One needed a new chain for a necklace (done!) and another was looking to make a bracelet; he selected some beads, strung them up, and had us finish off the cord — all in record time (done and done!). He left with a finished bracelet & couldn’t have been happier.

We were elated to see gentleman excited about making jewelry, but not because we believe men don’t wear jewelry that often. Au contraire! Men’s everyday jewelry has become very popular in the fashion world recently, and we’re currently working on some great bracelet ideas (photos coming soon). What we enjoyed was the fact that these men came in SOLO! That may not seem like a big deal to some, but considering the jewelry world is primarily female-dominated, entering what most believe to be a “girly” environment can sometimes be intimidating. But these manly men came in without any female guides, and they survived! Not only that, but they left with awesome finished jewelry.

A friendly reminder: Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day, and if you haven’t picked up something cool for Dad yet, fret not. We have gift certificates available in any amount — the perfect way to inspire him to do some beading! Make a day of it: come in to the shop, select some beads with Dad, have a seat at our work table and create some pieces you can both wear home!

If Dad isn’t the beader in the family, here are some beaded gift ideas for Papa, even if he doesn’t wear jewelry:
Beaded Key Chain
Pick out some cool cord (waxed linen, colorful hemp or metallic leather are just a few options), some beads with larger holes, and we’ll show you how you can create a nifty tassel for Dad to hook onto his key ring.

We wish they weren’t technically called “book thongs” (that’s just weird), but creating a simple cord-and-bead strap for Dad to drape over the spine of his favorite novel is SUPER easy.
Once again, all you need is a nice long piece of cord, a few beads, a couple of knots, and you’re done.

Leather Necklace
Perfect if Dad is the kind of fellow who does wear jewelry (go Pop!) Most of the men we know are pretty low-fuss when it comes to their accessories, and the perfect type of necklace for the minimalist dad is a necklace he can just slip on. If you think he might like a short-ish necklace, we’ll show you how to create a versatile, adjustable slip-knotted necklace that you can embellish with a wire-wrapped pendant or a few beads knotted on the cord. Think he might like something longer? Just use enough cord that he can simply slide the necklace over his head, no adjustment needed.

Our new favorite funky jewelry component: radio resistors!

They come in a range of sizes and colors, and they have small wires on either side that can be looped & wrapped into pendants, or connected to each other to form a one-of-a-kind chain. The best part? They’re only 25-75 cents each. What a steal!

To all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! If it weren’t for you, dear fathers, we wouldn’t be here today. Literally. Yenno, that whole “the birds & the bees” thing. What do you mean, what do I mean? Go ask your mother.


4 thoughts on “Being a Newborn & Honoring Fathers

  1. My boyflame wears a necklace every day. When I am at a festival or a show, he asks me to keep an eye out for certain stones for him. He’s a fan of the flat donut-shaped-discs which he can string onto a waxed woven cord he wears. Jewelry is so personal. In this age of the Individual, a lot more men are adorning themselves with talismans, symbols, or just plain decoration. Thanks for giving a shout-out to the bedecked menfolk out there!

    • You’re welcome, Carmen! We wholeheartedly approve of all adornment, and we always enjoy helping folks create something that has a personal flair. Hope you & your boyflame get the chance to visit the shop sometime soon so you can create something fabulous with us!

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