Knock, knock — Come on in!

Welcome to the Behind the Blue Door, a creative & inspiring place to dig through a treasure trove of fun beading facts, helpful tips and sources of inspiration.

As the newest bead shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, Blue Door Beads is excited
embark on the journey of jewelry-making with you! Blue Door Beads is an oasis where beaders of all levels —  budding beaders, beading masters and everyone in between —  can come to get ideas, ask questions and (of course) make beautiful jewelry, all within a fun, relaxing, make-and-create environment. We hope this blog can be an extension of our
retail store, located on the lively street of Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California. Even if you can’t bead with us in person, we would love to have you bead with us via the web!  We’ll be posting project ideas, the newest trends and — naturally — LOTS of beads.
Please feel free to post some of your own fave designs, beads & pieces
you find inspiring, and whatever else your bead-ing heart desires!

Here’s a little treat we’d like to offer to all of our new customers: print out the referral coupon below, give it to a friend, and receive 15% off your next purchase of $10.00 or more when they bring in the coupon. Discounts already? You betcha! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and remember to always bead boldly!

The Babes at Blue Door Beads


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  1. Your site looks great on my smart phone! Good thinking. OBTW I’m the papa-in-law & wish you the best!

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